Querying Multiple Elements with CSS in Angular Tests

When writing an Angular component, we often want to test our component changes it’s HTML template as expected. To detect changes made to a single element, we can use CSS to query the DOM. In the example below, we’re checking for a span element with an active class: However, on some occasions, we may want… Continue reading Querying Multiple Elements with CSS in Angular Tests

Top 10 IntelliJ Shortcuts

Learning IntelliJ (or other IDE) shortcuts can make us more productive developers. In this post, I’ll highlight my top 10 IntelliJ shortcuts, which I found using the productivity guide: 10. File Structure Popup ⌘F12 or Ctrl + F12 Shows you the structure of a class with methods and properties – handy when looking at a large class.… Continue reading Top 10 IntelliJ Shortcuts

Tab Overflow

On a typical day, you might be working on multiple things at once. You could be working on a story, helping with a support task or preparing a presentation. If you’re anything like me, these things take up lots of tabs in your browser. I’ve always used bookmarks to keep track of the multiple things… Continue reading Tab Overflow